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Wed Aug 24 09:32:18 CEST 2005

Author: dag
Date: 2005-08-24 09:32:17 +0200 (Wed, 24 Aug 2005)
New Revision: 3530

lots of updates

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/.htaccess
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/.htaccess	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/.htaccess	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
+<FilesMatch "^/dweb/">
+         order deny,allow
+         deny from all
+<FilesMatch "\.inc\.php$">
+         order deny,allow
+         deny from all
+#Options None
+#AllowOverride All
+Options +Indexes +FollowSymlinks
+DirectoryIndex index.php index.html .
+#<IfModule mod_php4.c>
+         php_value include_path .:/var/www/rpmforge.net/dweb:
+         php_value auto_prepend_file mod_prepend.inc.php
+         php_value auto_append_file mod_append.inc.php
+         php_flag safe_mode Off
+         php_flag register_globals Off
+#       php_flag zlib.output_compression On
+         php_value zlib.output_compression 9
+	php_flag short_open_tag On
+ErrorDocument 400 /error.php
+ErrorDocument 401 /error.php
+ErrorDocument 403 /error.php
+ErrorDocument 404 /error.php
+ErrorDocument 405 /error.php
+ErrorDocument 406 /error.php
+ErrorDocument 500 /error.php
+### Disable access for bad hosts
+order allow,deny
+allow from all
+deny from colo3.thehostingnet.com
+deny from eldir.ai.net
+deny from skraaning.hio.no
+deny from srv.vibehosting.com
+deny from
+deny from
+### Disable hotlinking
+#RewriteEngine On
+#RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?dag\.wieers\.com/ [NC]
+#RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
+#RewriteRule \.(jpe?g|gif|bmp|png)$ - [F]
+#RedirectMatch permanent ^/$ http://rpmforge.sw.be/user/

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/.menu
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/.menu	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/.menu	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+/user/,User track,Distribution oriented channel
+/developer/,Developer track,Project oriented channel
+/packager/,Packager track,Package oriented channel

Property changes on: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/.menu
Name: svn:executable
   + *

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/cfg_layout.inc.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/cfg_layout.inc.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/cfg_layout.inc.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -59,13 +59,17 @@
 		<div class="menudiv">
 			<div class="menuitems" align="center"><big>LOGO HERE</big>!<br><font size="1">Send us your artwork..</font></div>
+			<div class="menuitems" align="center"><big>RPMforge.net</big><br><font size="1">quality RPM packages</font></div>
 			<div class="menuitems">
 			<div class="menuitems">
 				<?/*_link('/rss.php','RSS feed')?> <br>*/?>
+				<b><?_link('/help.php','Help!')?></b><br>
@@ -107,7 +111,7 @@
 			Updated: <?echo gmdate('d-M-Y',filemtime("$_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]$_SERVER[REQUEST_NAME]"))?> |
 			Contact: <a href="mailto:dag at wieers.com">webmaster</a> |
 			<a href="?print" target="print" title="[Opens in a new window]">Printable version</a><br />
-			Copyright &copy; 2003-2005 by RPMforge project
+			Copyright &copy; 2002-2005 by RPMforge project

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/cfg_local.inc.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/cfg_local.inc.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/cfg_local.inc.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
-	$cfg['sitemap_dir_exclude']="^/(alec|dagmenu|db-engine|debaser|howto/Problem-Solving-HOWTO|howto/RedHat-CD-mini-HOWTO-NL|kadril|madness)";
+	$cfg['sitemap_dir_exclude']='^/(developer|packager|user)/packages';
 //	$cfg['sitemap_depth']=0;

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/developer/.menu
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/developer/.menu	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/developer/.menu	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -1,4 +1,3 @@
-/developer/act.php,<b>Act Now !</b>,Participate and improve RPMforge

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/dweb/mod_append.inc.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/dweb/mod_append.inc.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/dweb/mod_append.inc.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
 	if (!empty($cfg['error_body'])) {
 		mail($_SERVER['SERVER_ADMIN'], $cfg['error_subject'], $cfg['error_body'], "From: Dweb Error $in[error] <root>\nX-Mailer: Dag PHP Script\n");
+		mail('dries at ulyssis.org', $cfg['error_subject'], $cfg['error_body'], "From: Dweb Error $in[error] <root>\nX-Mailer: Dag PHP Script\n");

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/dweb/mod_sitemap.inc.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/dweb/mod_sitemap.inc.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/dweb/mod_sitemap.inc.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
 	_cfg_default('sitemap_ext_include',	'.(php|pdf|rtf|rpm|html)$');
 	_cfg_default('sitemap_ext_exclude',	'.(inc|inc.php)$');
-	_cfg_default('sitemap_file_exclude',	'^((error.php|dir.php|index.html|index.php|mail.php|photo.php|submit.php)$|\.)');
+	_cfg_default('sitemap_file_exclude',	'^((error.php|dir.php|index.html|index.php|mail.php|photo.php|sitemap.php|submit.php)$|\.)');
 	_cfg_default('sitemap_title_exclude',	'\$|draft|hidden|old');
 	_cfg_default('sitemap_dir_exclude',	'^\.');
 	_cfg_default('sitemap_depth',		0);

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/help.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/help.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/help.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+<?_head('Helping RPMforge')?>
+<?_title('Lending a hand')?>
+If you think our cause is worthy and you have time to help us out,
+look at our list of tasks, take initiative to fix/improve something
+or become a fulltime packager/builder.<br><br>
+There are different ways you can help out, even when you're not a
+programmer, developer or experienced computer user.
+<?_title('Encouraging packagers and builders')?>
+Packaging is a dull job, really. And sometimes we need some motivation
+to keep us going. A small sign of appreciation, a thank you email,
+some feedback to improve something or a gift from one of our wishlists
+makes a difference and keeps us in touch with the outside world :)<br><br>
+Especially if you directly or indirectly gained from our hard work,
+you might feel good to return the favor.
+<?_title('Contributing hardware or bandwidth')?>
+Unfortunately, time and effort of volunteers does not keep the engine
+running. We have had several setbacks (eg. hardware failures, bandwidth
+and hosting bills, ..) that has literally cost some of us hundreds of
+There are several ways you can help out here. Either by taking workload
+off our back by taking over one or more builds, providing access to
+workhorse systems, mirroring our packages and/or infrastructure.<br><br>
+If you want to help out but don't know where to begin, send us a mail on
+the mailinglist.

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -6,19 +6,27 @@
 and packagers to meet and work together to provide and improve
 RPM packages.<p>
 The RPMforge project hopes to get rid of a lot of duplicated effort
 and wasted resources that currently exist because RPM packagers
 are working on distribution-specific islands.<p>
 The RPMforge project already supports various distributions and
 architectures and we hope to expand this list further in the
 future, if the demand and resources become available.<p>
-If you are a packagers and you're interested in working with us,
-please contact us and talk about the different ways this is possible.
-There are many ways we can make each others life easier and work
-towards more compatibility and better, saner standards.<p>
+If you're interested in helping us improve our packages, please
+read <?_link('/manifest.php','our manifest')?> and introduce
+yourself on
+<?_link('http://lists.rpmforge.net/mailman/listinfo/users','our mailinglist')?>.
+If you are an existing packager and you're interested in working
+with us, please contact us. There are many ways we can make each
+others life easier and work towards more compatibility and better,
+saner standards.<p>
 <h2>Under construction</h2>
 This site is still in its infancy, so bear with us and let us know
 how you would improve this site.

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/manifest.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/manifest.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/manifest.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -19,17 +19,37 @@
   <li> In discussions, only voice your opinion if not already voiced by someone else
   <li> In voting, express your rationale for every vote
   <li> Don't flame when people do not agree, everybody is working for the same cause
+  <li> We are all volunteers, so keep things light and humourous, allow people to make mistakes
-<?php _title('3. Concrete Plans')?>
-This is an unfinished, undecided list of things we are doing or plan to do:
+<?php _title('3. Current Concept')?>
+  <li> RPMforge will be a SPEC repository at first and an RPM package repository
+  at some time later. This allows us to focus on policy and procedures before
+  being pressured into everything else that makes up a repository.
+  <li> RPMforge is to become a broad repository with enhancements, not replacing
+  core packages. This leaves room for niche repositories that ship their own
+  kernel, glibc or newest Gnome.
+  <li> A limited set of packagers will have subversion access. Anyone can suggest
+  new packages at <a href="http://lists.rpmforge.net/mailman/listinfo/suggest">suggest at lists.rpmforge.net</a>, contributors can help
+  out fill in these suggestions by adding SPEC files and links to SRPMs, and
+  packagers will sign off each of these threads. This allows contributors desiring
+  to become packagers to draw positive attention.
+  <li> We will introduce the concept of builders and build environments later. In
+  the meantime we encourage people to rebuild our SPEC files and contribute changes
+  for different distributions and architectures within the limits of common sense.
+<?php _title('4. Concrete Plans')?>
+This is an unfinished list of things we plan to do:
   <li> Extend pydar to become a python based system to manage build environment
   and build packages. Straight-forward for co-testers, adequate for complex needs.
   <li> Tools for distributing builds to server farms.
   <li> Tools for managing repositories and packages.
   <li> Tools for tracking and merging package changes, bugs and feedback from various
   other community packaging efforts.
+  <li> Select trusted builders and packagers and hand out dist/arch combinations
 <?php _foot()?>

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/.menu
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/.menu	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/.menu	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
+/packager/persona/,Persona,People involved in this project
 /packager/tools.php,Packaging tools,
-/packager/act.php,<b>Act Now !</b>,Participate and improve RPMforge

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/distributions/.menu
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/distributions/.menu	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/distributions/.menu	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+/packager/distributions/rhel.php,Red Hat Enterprise,Red Hat Enterprise Linux
+/packager/distributions/rhel.php,RHEL derivatives,RHEL derivatives like CentOS, Scientific Linux, Whitebox Linux and Tao Linux
+/packager/distributions/fedora.php,Fedora Core,Fedore Core Linux
+/packager/distributions/aurora.php,Aurora (sparc),Aurora Linux
+/packager/distributions/yellowdog.php,Yellow Dog (ppc),Yellow Dog Linux
+/packager/distributions/redhat.php,Red Hat Linux,Old Red Hat Linux distributions
+/packager/distributions/others.php,Others,Others supported distributions

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/distributions/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/distributions/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/distributions/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,93 @@
+td.r { background-color: #ff0000; }
+td.o { background-color: #ff8030; }
+td.g { background-color: #00ff00; }
+<?_title('Overview of current and possible future distributions')?>
+<table border="1" width="100%">
+	<th>
+	<th>
+	<th>i386
+	<th>x86_64
+	<th>ia64
+	<th>ppc
+	<th>sparc
+	<th>alpha
+	<th>el4<td>Red Hat Enterprise 4
+	<td class="g">dag
+	<td class="g">dag
+	<td>upi?
+	<td>upi?
+	<td>
+	<td>upi/bert?
+	<th>el3<td>Red Hat Enterprise 3
+	<td class="g">dag
+	<td class="g">dag
+	<td>upi?
+	<td>upi?
+	<td>
+	<td>upi?
+	<th>el2<td>Red Hat Enterprise 2.1
+	<td class="g">dag
+	<th>fc4<td>Fedora Core 4
+	<td class="g">dries
+	<td class="g">dries
+	<td><td>you?
+	<td><td>you?
+	<th>fc3<td>Fedora Core 3
+	<td class="g">dag
+	<td class="g">dag
+	<th>fc2<td>Fedora Core 2
+	<td class="o">dag-
+	<td class="o">dag-
+	<td><td><td><td class="r">(bert)
+	<th>fc1<td>Fedora Core 1
+	<td class="o">dag-
+	<th>rh9<td>Red hat 9
+	<td class="o">dag
+	<th>rh8<td>Red Hat 8.0
+	<td class="r">(dag)
+	<th>rh7<td>Red Hat 7.X
+	<td class="o">dag
+	<th>rh6<td>Red Hat 6.X
+	<td class="r">(dag)
+	<th>au1.92<td>Aurora 1.92
+	<td><td><td><td><td class="g">dries
+	<th>au1.91<td>Aurora 1.91
+	<td><td><td><td><td class="r">(dries)
+	<th>yd4<td>Yellow Dog 4.0
+	<td><td><td><td>you?
+	<th>yd3<td>Yellow Dog 3.0
+	<td><td><td><td>you?
+<li> Green: Supported by RPMforge and upstream
+<li> Orange: Supported by RPMforge, unsupported by upstream
+<li> Red: Unsupported by RPMforge and upstream
+dag-: Dag wants to get rid of doing these :)<br>
+you?: Maybe you require these and want to help ?<br>

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 <?_head('Packager track')?>
-<?_title('What packagers can expect here')?>
-This is another unfinished section. You will find here
+<?_title('What packagers can find here')?>
+This is area is not finished. You will find here
 <b>documentation and policies</b> concerning packaging.
 We will provide you with HOWTOs about how to set up a
 suitable packaging environment.<p>
@@ -13,6 +13,6 @@
 of other distributions so that you don't have to lose time if you
 need comparable work.<p>
-<?_title('How packagers can help the project')?>
+<?_title('How *you* can help the project')?>

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/.menu
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/.menu	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/.menu	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+/packager/persona/bert/,Bert de Bruijn
+/packager/persona/dag/,Dag Wieers
+/packager/persona/dries/,Dries Verachtert
+/packager/persona/matthias/,Matthias Saou

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/bert/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/bert/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/bert/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+<?_head('Bert de Bruijn')?>

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/dag/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/dag/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/dag/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+<?_head('Dag Wieers')?>
+<?_title('General Information')?>
+-&gt; Picture in here
+<b>Homepage</b>: <?_link('http://dag.wieers.com/')?><br>
+<b>Email</b>: <?_link('mailto:dag at wieers.com','dag at wieers.com')?><br>
+If you enjoy this project, read <?_link('http://dag.wieers.com/personal/wishlist.php','THIS')?> !
+  <li> Enable https for mailinglists and subversion
+  <li> Merge repositories into a single tree
+  <li> Set up mediawiki
+  <li> Finalize the rpm-macros-rpmforge package

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/dries/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/dries/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/dries/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+<?_head('Dries Verachtert')?>
+<?_title('General information')?>
+-&gt; Picture in here
+<b>Homepage</b>: <?_link('http://dries.ulyssis.org/')?><br>
+<b>Girlfriend</b>: <?_link('http://carolien.ulyssis.org')?> ;-)<br>
+Too much to list here. Besides, no time to do that :-)

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+RPMforge consists of 3 types of active participants.
+<b>Builders</b> take care of building packages for different distributions.
+<b>Maintainers</b> take care of packages and SPEC files.
+<b>Admins</b> take care of the infrastucture (website, mailinglist, subversion).
+<?_title('The Builder Line-up')?>
+<li> <?_link('dag/', 'Dag Wieers')?>: rh7, rh9, fc1, fc2, fc3, el2, el3, el4
+<li> <?_link('dries/', 'Dries Verachtert')?>: au1.92, fc4
+<?_title('The Maintainer Line-up')?>
+<li> <?_link('dag/', 'Dag Wieers')?>: network, sysadmin, others
+<li> <?_link('dries/', 'Dries Verachtert')?>: games, KDE, perl, others
+<li> <?_link('matthias/','Matthias Saou')?>: games, multimedia, others
+<?_title('The Admins Line-up')?>
+Dries mostly.

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/matthias/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/matthias/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/packager/persona/matthias/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+<?_head('Matthias Saou')?>

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/robots.txt

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/.menu
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/.menu	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/.menu	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-/user/dists/,Choose distribution,Find packages for your distribution
-/user/new/,New updates,Find out what's new
+/user/recent/,Recent updates,Find out what's new
+/user/packages/,Packages,Browse through available packages
+#/user/dists/,Choose distribution,Find packages for your distribution
 /user/faq/,Frequent questions,Check out the Frequently Asked Questions
 /user/community/,User community,Join our community
-/user/act.php,<b>Act Now !</b>,Participate and improve RPMforge

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/community/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/community/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/community/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+<?_head('User community')?>
+We have a mailinglist for beginning users that have questions about RPMforge
+or one of its packages. You can subscribe at:<br>
+If you found a problem and fixed it, or you want to become an RPMforge packager,
+we'd like to hear from you at our packagers list. You can subscribe at:<br>
+If you have a package or SPEC file to contribute, you can do that at our
+suggest mailinglists. You can subscribe to that at:<br>
+If you're feeling lucky and require instant help, you can join the Freenode
+IRC network and visit some of our users and packagers at: <b>#rpmforge</b>.
+Always be polite and give as much information if you ask your questions.
+<?_title('Individual contact')?>
+Some of our packagers can be contacted in private, only contact them if
+you have something to ask them directly that cannot be answered in public
+by someone else. (Some of the packagers happen to be very busy all of the
+time :-))
+Go here for <?_link('/packager/persona/','more information about our packagers and builders')?>

Added: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/faq/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/faq/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/faq/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
@@ -0,0 +1,64 @@
+<?_head('Fequently Asked Questions')?>
+<?_title('General information')?>
+<b>What is RPMforge ?</b>
+<ul>It is explained on our <?_link('/','frontpage')?> :)</ul>
+<b>What distributions and architectures are supported ?</b>
+<ul>We have a temporary page <?_link('/packager/distributions','here')?>.</ul>
+<b>Why should I use RPMforge ?</b>
+<ul>Because of <?_link('/manifest.php','this')?> and
+<?_link('#compatibility-and-mixing','this')?> !</ul>
+<b>How can we thank ?</b>
+<ul>Many ways, be creative. (or look <?_link('/help.php','here')?>)</ul>
+<?_title('Installation and configuration')?>
+<b>How to use RPMforge ?</b>
+Install the <?_link('/user/packages/rpmforge-release/','rpmforge-release')?> package that matches your distribution, and you should be fine. (with Smart, Yum, up2date or Apt and the GPG keys)
+<b>How to configure Smart ?</b>
+<ul>See above.</ul>
+<b>How to configure up2date ?</b>
+<ul>See above, and then look at /etc/sysconfig/rhn/souces.rpmforge.txt.</ul>
+<b>How to configure Yum ?</b>
+<ul>See above.</ul>
+<b>How to configure Apt ?</b>
+<ul>See above.</ul>
+<b>How to configure Red Carpet ?</b>
+<ul>Not available yet.</ul>
+<b>How to install the GPG key/signature ?</b>
+<ul>See above.</ul>
+<?_title('Giving feedback')?>
+<b>Where can I discuss about RPMforge packages ?</b>
+<ul>Subscribe and send a mail to our <?_link('http://lists.rpmforge.net/mailman/listinfo/users','users mailinglist')?></ul>
+<b>Where can I report problems or improvements ?</b>
+<ul>Subscribe and let us know at the <?_link('http://lists.rpmforge.net/mailman/listinfo/packagers','packagers mailinglist')?></ul>
+<b>Where can I contribute packages ?</b>
+<ul>Subscribe and send your request/contribution to our <?_link('http://lists.rpmforge.net/mailman/listinfo/suggest','suggest mailinglist')?></ul>
+<?_title('Compatibility and mixing')?>
+<b>What is the difference with Fedora Extras ?</b>
+<ul>The biggest difference is that we provide packages for a range of distributions including older Red Hat distributions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and others (eg. CentOS, Aurora) and different architectures. If you expect to use both Fedora and Red Hat your safest bet is RPMforge. Of course you can mix both, if you like.<br><br>We also provide vastly more packages than Fedora Extras, we're independent, you can join without signing an agreement, we provide backward compatibility and we're open to work with other projects and vendors. (eg. Aurora, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Whitebox, TaoLinux, Yellow Dog)</ul>
+<b>What about compatibility with Fedora Extras ?</b>
+<ul>All known problems have been fixed. If you still find a problem and expect one of our packages, let us know at the <?_link('http://lists.rpmforge.net/mailman/listinfo/packagers','packagers mailinglist')?> and we'll try to get this fixed with the Fedora Extras packagers. We can't help if we don't know your problem.<br><br>A lot of cloud has been created about compatibility and quality issues of RPMforge packages, we don't subscribe to FUD tactics and have no political agenda. Instead we are very proud of what we have achieved in less than 2 years.</ul>
+<?_title('Rebuilding packages')?>
+<b>How to rebuild a package for my system ?</b>
+<ul>Your safest bet is to download the source package and rebuild this with the <?_link('http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/apt/FAQ.php#E1','correct build options')?>.</ul>
+<b>How to rebuild a kernel package for my system ?</b>
+<ul>Your safest bet is to download the source package and rebuild this with the <?_link('http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/apt/FAQ.php#E2','correct build options')?>.</ul>

Modified: trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/index.php
--- trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/index.php	2005-08-23 23:21:40 UTC (rev 3529)
+++ trunk/web/rpmforge.net/user/index.php	2005-08-24 07:32:17 UTC (rev 3530)
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 <?_head('User track')?>
-<h2>What users can expect here</h2>
-This area is definitely not finished. But if it is, you'll find
-an <b>overview of the different distributions</b> and package lists for
-each distribution.
+<h2>What users can find here</h2>
+Users can find here an <?_link('/user/packages/','overview of the different packages')?>
+ we provide, together with a list of distributions fo each package.<p>
-There will be a <b>FAQ</b> explaining how to configure and use our
+There is a short <?_link('/user/faq/','FAQ')?> explaining how to configure and use our
 repository for each of the distributions.<p>
-You will be able to <b>search through our package repository</b> by
-different search criteria and you will have direct access to
+You can <b>search through our package repository</b> using Google
+(see the left side-banner) and you will have direct access to
 the website, developer contact info, packagers and changelog of
-each of the different projects.<p>
+each of the different projects. (soon)<p>
 And of course you will be able to see from hour to hour what
-<b>new packages</b> are available.<p>
+<b>new packages</b> are available when we have the RSS food ready.<p>
-<h2>How users can help the project</h2>
+<h2>How *you* can help the project</h2>
 As a user there are many ways you can help out. The minimum we expect
 from users is that they <b>report packaging problems and improvements</b>.
-Every user already benefits of the amount of feedback we already received
-from others and your help is only a small contribution in comparison.<p>
+Every user already benefits of the amount of feedback we received from
+others and your help is only a small contribution in comparison.<p>
 Apart from reporting problems, you could <b>request other useful tools
 and programs</b> to be added. Or even better, send us a working package that

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