[mirrors] The mirror wants to add to the list

Yongbok Kim ruo91 at yongbok.net
Fri Mar 15 04:52:58 CET 2013

The mirror wants to add to the list. 

URL of mirror : http://mirror.yongbok.net/repoforge/ , ftp://mirror.yongbok.net/repoforge/
Supported access methods (http, ftp, rsync, …) : http, ftp 
Country / state / city where the mirror is located : Korea, Republic of 
Contact email address : ruo91 at yongbok.net 
Update frequency : Every four hours 
Approximate bandwidth : 100Mbit/s 
The name of Tier1 mirror you are syncing from, which should be one of these: 
- Europe 
mirror1.hs-esslingen.de (Germany) - rsync://mirror1.hs-esslingen.de/repoforge/
Thank you in advance.
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