[mirrors] Request to add: mirrors.evowise.com/repoforge/

James Hayden hayden at evowise.com
Mon Aug 8 20:26:39 CEST 2016


Thanks for the past, present and future of RepoForge. 

We would like to contribute our Global CDN backed mirror locations: 

-- IPv4 + IPv6 
-- 10 Gbps bandwidth 
-- http and https transfer supported 
-- Sync'd every 4 hours 
-- 22TB of disk space available. 
-- Contact: hayden at evowise.com , admin at evowise.com 

The above URL uses Anycast IP and will automatically connect downloads to the nearest mirror... US East (NY), US West (LA), Spain, Italy, Romania and the UK. 
(So a user who downloads from mirrors.evowise.com while in Toronto Canada will be automatically routed to our US East sever) 

Kind regards, 

Hayden James 
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