[packagers] Repos and LSB?

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Tue Jun 14 17:59:00 CEST 2005


Just thought I'd throw a lump in for discussion in this group. The 
reason is that I just rpm'ed a software package containing a program 
called "factor". Alas, such a program also exists in coreutils, and 
obviously, the new package failed to install.

This raises a fundemental problem of the way we are packaging, because
it is not compliant with the Linux Standard Base. According to that
specification, the /usr partition is reserved for the system ONLY, users
or local admins should NOT install programs there. Instead, LSB uses the
/opt partition for applications, and there is a special specification
for how that is done. Basically, every application has it's own
directory there.

However, in the RPM packaging world, executables are almost always
placed in /usr/bin, no matter how exotic they are, and this leads to
conflicts like the one I ran into.

I am a bit reluctant to start using /opt, because in most installations
I have seen, that directory would end up on the (usually small) root
partition. Alternatively, one could use /usr/local, which IMO would be
better, but I tend to think of /usr/local as the local sysadm's
playground where various stuff would get installed outside the RPM

I'd be interested in hearing if someone has given this some thought!


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