[packagers] Repos and LSB?

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Fri Jun 17 13:22:47 CEST 2005

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 07:42:11AM +0200, Bent Terp wrote:

> Last time I checked, LSB refers to Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, which says 
> the following about /usr/bin: "This is the primary directory of executable 
> commands on the system."

Yeah, and to me, that sounds like "everything that is not absolutely
crucial to keep the system running". So stuff like multimedia tools,
browsers and so on, really ougth to go in /opt, right? RedHat doesn't
seem to care, they package everything in the /usr tree.

> creating the collision in the first place.... come to think of it, Morten, 
> are you building phylip as well? Given that you mention factor as the 
> filename.

Yup :-) -- I wasn't aware it was already packaged by you, otherwise I 
wouldn't have bothered... I DID however think some about whether to make 
the package available to the public, since the license terms are pretty 
obscure to say the least, so I really didn't think to look for it...

I also have a non-distributable package that has a "convert" binary
(clashes with ImageMagick), and another package that has binaries like
"volume", "contact", "stereo" and so on. I magine that these are
potential "clashers". I isolated that package in it's own tree under
/usr, but that's a no-no according to LSB ;-)

The problem is that the packager may not _discover_ that there is a name
clash with an unrelated package if it is not installed on the build


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