[packagers] Re: [svn] r3600 - in trunk/rpms: . fmod

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Wed Oct 5 12:17:40 CEST 2005

Greetings ...

 > Keep on breathing, we'll get it fixed.. it's one of the first spec
 > files of Lee so have a bit of patience. Remember my first specs?
	Hey, don't blame me |-) ... I just found a working srpm on the net and 
used that ... I thought the spec file was ugly, but some times I just 
can't get these things to compile and I have almost not programming 
skills to fix them.

	This was also in prep for another package ( you guess, another game ), 
UltimateStunts, which I have not got to compile completely yet on my 
FC4-64 box.

	I always hope that if I can do most of the leg work on a package, that 
you guys whom know a little more, can improve on my stuff.

	Hope that this is not too much to ask, and over time, I will become a 
little better at this ... You will have seen that I have started on 
pygame packages first, because I think that they need least amount of work.

 > I think the main issue here is that we should fix it preferably
 > before it is submitted to subversion. The aim should be that
 > every SPEC file in subversion is a shining example of how SPEC
 > files should look like.
	I disagree, I think that is it nice to be able to see in svn the 
changes that have take place in the spec file over time.  From my ugly 
submits to the corrections that everybody else suggest and puts in. 
That is the beauty of svn ...

 > Not all of these changes are important, but some consistency is nice.
	Now we talking ... As I find betters ways to put spec files together, I 
try and put it into all the other spec files to make them easy to spot 
if there is a problem, but that is just my view ... I will bug 
everybody, if I think that something will look better, even if it makes 
very little difference to the package ...  It just seems cleaner in the 
long run. Hope nobody minds ...


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