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Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Wed Oct 5 15:31:24 CEST 2005

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, C.Lee Taylor wrote:

> Greetings ...
> 	Hope that this is not too much to ask, and over time, I will become a
> little better at this ... You will have seen that I have started on pygame
> packages first, because I think that they need least amount of work.

We already have python-game.

> > I think the main issue here is that we should fix it preferably
> > before it is submitted to subversion. The aim should be that
> > every SPEC file in subversion is a shining example of how SPEC
> > files should look like.
> 	I disagree, I think that is it nice to be able to see in svn the
> changes that have take place in the spec file over time.  From my ugly submits
> to the corrections that everybody else suggest and puts in. That is the beauty
> of svn ...

You have a point, however we currently do not make a distinction between 
something not ready for general consumption (read: building) and something 
production ready. I often use the meta-tag '# Tag: test' to indicate this, 
but only my buildsystem understands this tag afaik.

But if we would have committed a reviewed SPEC file that falls under your 
authority, you'd still have access to those same changes. The reviewer 
could have committed the original SPEC file followed by the reviewed 
changes. In this case it was added as-is, which is suboptimal in most 
regards :)

But it's good we can discuss it now for future practices.

> > Not all of these changes are important, but some consistency is nice.
> 	Now we talking ... As I find betters ways to put spec files together,
> I try and put it into all the other spec files to make them easy to spot if
> there is a problem, but that is just my view ... I will bug everybody, if I
> think that something will look better, even if it makes very little difference
> to the package ...  It just seems cleaner in the long run. Hope nobody minds
> ...

Discussion is good :)

Kind regards,
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