[packagers] Re: [svn] r3600 - in trunk/rpms: . fmod

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Tue Oct 11 12:13:29 CEST 2005

Greetings ...

	Sorry for the late reply, been out of country for a few days ...

 > I prefer to sign off packages by builders and consider it 'in
 > progress' if not everyone has signed it off. (or at least hasn't
 > been signed off by at least a few builders/packagers)
	I too would prefer a sign off too, because at least somebody who knows 
something about packaging would have taken a look at my mess in general, 
but I too like to be able to see the history in svn ...

	I often look at the spec file history in Dries repo with spev and 
history viewer ...

	I don't mind the tag been changed until approved either, it works for 
me either way.

	The fmod package will be needed by the UltimateStunts package, if I 
ever get it to work for me ... Think it's a 64bit problem though ... So, 
I thought it better to submit all the deps first, if they where not in 
RPMForge ...

	In the end, if I can't get UltimateStunts working, then I don't see the 
need for fmod unless something else uses it, and with the less than nice 
license, I would not push anybody else to use this lib ... Hope that is 
not too harsh?


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