[packagers] SolarWolf package update ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Mon Oct 31 12:02:42 CET 2005

Greetings ...

	As I said, I would try and added Menu icons for the games that I have 
install on my PC.

	SolarWolf been one of them games ... The spec file off rpmforge, has 
Dries as the Authority, but from the spec structure, looks like Dag put 
this together, either way, this is my update.

	Okay, the way I have put this together adds no file to package, uses 
the file that are in the source tar file.  I have drop the use of the 
Make file, just doing what is need in the spec ... I think this is 
easier to follow, but that is up to Dries to take.

	The spec file can be found at 

	I'm playing with icon cache updating because I have seen if you install 
a package, it does not update the Start menu icon, until restart or the 
update-desktop-database command, but this does not fix the update if the 
icon has changed.  I found this while putting a package together for 
pyRacerz, so I been messing with that too.  I'm hoping that somebody 
might know something that I don't or can't find on the net.  I have left 
places in the spec file where this would fit in nicely.

	I hope this is all acceptable, I'm about to put together anything 
package to put into RPMForge.


P.S. Patch attached of diff for spec file change.
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