[packagers] The demise of the repotag

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Fri Apr 20 13:49:00 CEST 2007

Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Now, here is one more fact:  Whether you want to believe it or not,
>> Fedora (and EPEL) not only believes 3rd part repo
>> coordination/cooperation is a good idea, it is a matter of documented
>> procedure/policy.

> <flame>
> You mean like, the kind of coordination _you_ exhibited when you started 
> packaging fftw version 3.* with package name fftw, when in virtually all 
> other repositories (also Debian, fink, etc) that package name is 
> reserved for fftw version 2.*? When questioned about it your response at 
> the time was "it's my way or the hiway", and even if you later 
> apologized for that arrogant remark, you still continue your evil ways, 
> and left your repo incompatible with RPMforge.
> </flame>

First off, you are talking about my kde-redhat repo, *not* Fedora.  So, 
I'm not sure exactly where this comment is coming from.

Further, I argued then, and will continue to argue now...
What exactly broke by using the name fftw instead of fftw3?  How exactly 
is it incompatble?  How exactly is it evil?  Are systems going down in 

And, you know what?  If someone can offer examples of breakage, and 
suggestions on how to fix it, I am more than willing to accomodate.

See, as far as I can tell and am concerned, apart from any snide 
commentary (from *both* sides), this example is one that is closer to a 
success story (of compatible, coordinated packaging) than a failure.

-- Rex

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