[packagers] What's up with RPMforge?

Matthias Saou thias at spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.egg.and.spam.freshrpms.net
Tue Feb 27 13:57:58 CET 2007

Morten Kjeldgaard wrote :

> Excuse me for raising this question here, but I am getting more and more 
> of an impression that RPMforge is stagnating, and I find that extremely 
> worrisome. The lack of traffic on this, the packagers list, the 
> never-updated website, and the absence of the primary driving forces 
> (Dag, Dries, Matthias) on various forums all appear to be signs that 
> things are not developing as we all wish for.

First of all, don't worry : Dag, Dries and I are still here, we still
work a lot on our packages, and aren't going to let users down anytime

You raise a lot of valid points, most (all?) of which we are already
aware of. We had our annual IRL meeting this week-end at the FOSDEM in
Brussels, and talked a lot. I think we all feel things need to change,
and ultimately improve. But we diverge in what we want to focus on,
thus on ways to go forward from here.

I've been focusing on Fedora and my small subset of freshrpms packages
lately, and decided to participate in the EPEL effort, which aims to
provide packages from the Fedora repository, rebuilt for RHEL. It is
currently unclear if this effort will include people from CentOS,
although I hope it will. But it's not up to me to decide. This leaves
the future of the current rpmforge quite unclear... it'll be up to Dag
and Dries to comment on that and make decisions.

Wait and see! Things *will* happen, and should be for the best.


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