[packagers] dist package cross reference

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Tue Jun 12 20:52:00 CEST 2007

On Tue, 12 Jun 2007, Who Knows wrote:

> Where do you maintain the crossreference for selecting which packages to
> build?

There are 2 ways to select packages. One is obvious, if it fails to build, 
well, there's no build :) The other selection is by adding a

	# ExclusiveDist: el5
	# ExcludeDist: el3

We usually add those to not replace base packages. Because in all other 
cases where eg. a build does work but the result is non-functional we just 
have to find the cause (dependency) that results in it being non 
functional and prevent a build (instead of excluding).

Now, the problem of course is that Mock does not understand these 
'meta-tags'. So you should probably write a wrapper around mock (or extend 

I have been thinking in adding pre and post scripts to mock so that I can 
replace DAR with mock.

> For example gqview.spec is in the repository, but I don't think it is built
> for Fedora ( or at least the recent Fedora releases ) since it is packaged
> with Fedora.

You have to ask Dries about this. Does he have buildlogs available for 
these ? Maybe he selects his builds manually (based on compatibility with 
Fedora Extras) ?

> If you have an easily shareable matrix, or if it is publicly available, I
> would appreciate a copy or access.

There is no such matrix, the aim is to document that within the SPEC file 
(and keep the SPEC file is the sole keep of per package information).

> Hopefully my last question for a while.

I hope not. Questions like these are essential for contributors and I wish 
more people would ask these as this is the start for more collaboration.

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