[packagers] Re: retty - naming conflict in rpmforge

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon May 21 17:16:50 CEST 2007

On Mon, 21 May 2007, Stefan Radman wrote:

> There is a name conflict in the rpmforge repository:
> =========================
> retty.i386                               0.1-1.2.el4.rf         rpmforge
> Matched from:
> retty
> retty (short for "remote tty") makes TCP connections available as pseudo
> ttys. It allows you to use access servers with direct access to the
> modems (such as Cisco NAS) as ordinary dial-out modems for faxing,
> sending
> sms or visiting BBS'. It offers functionality similar to Cisco's Dialout
> Utility, but on GNU/Linux instead of Windows.
> http://www.net-track.ch/opensource/retty/
> retty.i386                               1.0-1.el4.rf           rpmforge
> Matched from:
> retty
> retty is a tiny tool that lets you attach processes running on other
> terminals. So you were running that mutt outside of screen at your
> home machine and now wanna check your mail? Attach it with retty,
> do whatever you want, detach it again and everything is as it was
> before. You don't have to run them all in screen just in case.
> Note that the tool is only very lightly tested, so take some care.
> Always check first if attaching given application works before you
> will do it for real.
> We send SIGWINCHs around to make the applications recheck window
> dimensions and redraw the screen - if they don't, try pressing Ctrl-L.
> http://pasky.or.cz/~pasky/dev/retty/

Right, I know. What is the solution ? The second seems to be much more 
active than the former. Which didn't have any new release.

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