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Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at greysector.net
Wed Sep 24 18:48:45 CEST 2008

On Wednesday, 24 September 2008 at 01:05, Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Rex Dieter wrote:
> >I plan on getting libdvdread into EPEL, and checked that rpmforge 
> >currently includes an older libdvdread-0.9.7 (el4, el5).   The version I'd 
> >prefer to import/build is libdvdread-4.1.3, which is api compatible, but 
> >has new abi/soname.
> Can't seem to find this version though except from the mplayer website.

Well, we don't have a web guy on board so we're borrowing MPlayer's site.
Help is welcome. :)

> Which worries me because the version number suddenly surges out of range 
> and if this "new" maintainer is just forking, or some other people 
> continue the old branch, we are version-wise doomed.

You can always use Epoch:.

> How can we know for sure this 4.1.3 is indeed the continued proven libdvdread

Let me explain where the forked libdvdread comes from first.

This libdvdread fork comes from the libdvdread source that was
included in libdvdnav, which we split into a separate tree.
It is actually based on libdvdread-0.9.4 with lots of bugfixes from
Nico and others. We are working on porting 0.9.7 changes to our fork,
but there are some with which our main developer doesn't agree, so
they won't be included in our fork.

The main point in favour of our fork is that it is actively developed,
while the last release of libdvdread (0.9.7) was almost two years ago.
Also, there's been no activity on their development mailing list for
a year or so, and the last message was about switching to SVN.

Here's a link to our development policy:
As you can see, we have no intention of making it a library which
caters to the specific needs of MPlayer.

I'll be happy to answer any further questions you might have.

> and what is the explanation for the weird version number ?

The "weird number" comes from the ABI version.


PS. Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Gentoo are already using this fork
for their packages.

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