[packagers] Downtime earlier today

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Dec 3 14:59:50 CET 2009


On 12/03/2009 10:04 AM, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
 > I don't like this RSS feed idea unless there's a way to receive the
 > posts as e-mail messages in Evolution.

Is Evolution not able to read / parse rss feeds as yet ?

 > I use commit mailing lists a lot to track commits from different open
 > source projects. Whenever somebody does a new commit, I am notified by
 > e-mail and I can look into this during the usual morning mail marathon.

Thats pretty much how rss feeds work as well, and you are able to update 
as and when you want to.

 > This is a passive process. I don't have to update my svn tree (which
 > takes ages, btw), and do diffs between the last revision I had and the
 > HEAD and then crawl through it.

So, you just really want a diff list, with a webui that becomes a lot 
simpler since you can click through revision's. But I am interested in 
why you feel the svn update takes a long time, I am able to do an svn up 
in the rpmforge root tree and get results in < 100 seconds at the moment.

 > I can't see how switching to something completely new and requiring
 > active interaction is easier to implement than just allow posts only
 > from single IP by means of mailman or the mail server. I am pretty sure
 > that mailman has this kind of IP filtering built in.

if you want to go ahead and check for that, let me know what needs doing 
and where I'll be happy to look at it. Although I think a webui for the 
code repo is a good idea anyway.

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