[packagers] Infrastructure, yet another take at it

Yury V. Zaytsev yury at shurup.com
Sun Apr 3 23:00:00 CEST 2011


Awhile ago (last summer if I remember correctly), we've got enough
traction to start talking again about the infrastructural problems that
we have. We have even got to setting up a Trac (kind of), but in the
end, all of the packagers involved run out of spare time and the effort
more or less died out.

There were several key topics there were brought up last time:

1) Organizational issues: 

  1.1) Lack of streamlined process to make decisions
  1.2) Who has access to what?
  1.3) Lack of redundancy

2) Infrastructural issues:

  2.1) The build system does not scale and is run by a single person
  2.2) Version control that we use became hardly appropriate
  2.3) Lack of issue management system
  2.4) Lack of a wiki

This issues are all important, but I think the reason why we failed last
time is because we were trying to solve everything at a time, whereas
there was clearly not enough organizational effort (coordinator) and
manpower / resources to implement it.

This did not really change since then. I, for instance, have a VERY
limited time to spare on personal projects nowadays. I know that Dag is
also very busy both with his business and the family. Same applies to
all others.

So my new idea / suggestion to all of you would be to attack problems
one at a time. If even one single problem is solved for good, we are
already one step further then we were before.

I will post a next message (RFC) in this thread and once we reach a
general agreement, I do it. Then I post another one, we discuss it and I
do it. And so it goes, as long as I am able to make time. No rush, no
world domination plans. Evolution vs. revolution :-)

So, let's get it started...?
Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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