[packagers] Infrastructure - migration to GitHub?

Yury V. Zaytsev yury at shurup.com
Mon Apr 11 17:01:59 CEST 2011

On Mon, 2011-04-11 at 16:22 +0200, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:

> I find this a brilliant idea and would support you by all means, but
> personally I haven't used asciidoc (I use markdown instead) so I would
> go for what I used :-) But if you are saying asciidoc, let it be
> asciidoc. 

By the way, I checked up on that and I have found no mention of GitHub
supporting asciidoc in particular :-/ I have got the impression that
Markdown is all it supports. 

Could you please give me a pointer? 
Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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