[packagers] Distributing the product

David Hrbáč david-lists at hrbac.cz
Mon Apr 18 19:23:21 CEST 2011

Dne 18.4.2011 17:18, Dag Wieers napsal(a):
> I agree, although I would keep el2.1 packages for the time being. The
> question is whether we want to keep th eold package somewhere in a
> publically accessible vault, or not. Maybe el2.1 belongs there.

I plan to have archive.rpmforge.org for the obsolete folders, including 2.1.

> Repoview in the past was very expensive to create, but if we drop APT
> metadata, and only offer 1 metadata per repository this would be
> possible. Still I would so love to have a one-pass tool that generates
> both metadata and interface.
One pass tools is available. Bash script:
echo "Reporeload processing..."
repodata=("hrb" "hrb-tls" "hrb-bacula" "hrb-fw" "hrb-kernel" "hrb-ssh"

for index in ${!repodata[*]}
  printf "%4d: %s\n" $index ${repodata[$index]}

  for a in `find /var/www/html/hrb33/el4/${repodata[$index]}/ -mindepth
2 -maxdepth 2 -type d`
    if [ ${repodata[$index]} == "hrb-kernel" ]; then
      repomanage -k 5 -o $a | xargs rm -f
#    createrepo -q --skip-stat --update -d -c /tmp/repocache $a
    createrepo -q --update -d -c /tmp/repocache $a
    repoview $a -q -t 'David Hrbac' -f -u
http://fs12.vsb.cz${a#/var/www/html} -k /usr/share/repoview/hrb/ -f
  for a in `find /var/www/html/hrb33/el5/${repodata[$index]}/ -mindepth
2 -maxdepth 2 -type d`
   if [ ${repodata[$index]} == "hrb-kernel" ]; then
     repomanage -k 5 -o $a | xargs rm -f
   #repomanage -k 5 -o $a
#   createrepo -q --skip-stat --update -d -c /tmp/repocache $a
   createrepo -q --update -d -c /tmp/repocache $a
   repoview $a -q -t 'David Hrbac' -f -u
http://fs12.vsb.cz${a#/var/www/html} -k /usr/share/repoview/hrb/ -f

1. remove every instance but last 5 per package
2. create repository, using repo cache (huge speed up)
3. create repoview
> On the other hand, having a dynamic web-interface that allows to
> browse/search the repository metadata would be prefered over a static
> repoview. For one, it does not have to be mirrored !!
Repoview is good enough. If we mirror it, that it will exactly
correspond to this particular mirror repo.
> Yes, but surya is RHEL4. Karanbir mentioned that he now can do sqlite
> on RHEL4, but it is currently still not possible. Either we move to
> another system, or we need Karanbir's solution.
This is something Karanbir has been asking the info from me. As I have
written. You can still have surya, as the primary source repository
source. This signed repo tree might be mirrored to main mirror, where we
can run sqlite createrepo etc. I can prepare machine as main
mirror/archive storage. We have planty of virtual resources :o). This
machine can than prepare (semi)dynamic mirror list/metalink list for yum.
> These mirrors are collected once by using Google. Instead of having a
> list of people that mirror it, we should be having a mailinglist and
> actively communicate with mirror admins. In fact, they should be part
> of this discussion before we redesign the repositories.

Yes, there's a task:
- create mirror maillist  :o)

Well, I guess there is no need to discuss the repo with mirror admins.
We have to just stick with standards, that's all.
> There is one thing that I would like to bring into this discussion. I
> very much like the packages.sw.be interface. In fact I often use this
> at customers for downloading a specific package for a specific
> distribution.

I'm fine with it, this is something the mirror SIG is not interested in
right now. On the other hand I need to keep SRPMs folder across repos
and archs, just like we are having now. I'm creating local repo of it,
I'm using it as a source for upstream release checking:
root at specs2:1292:291:~/hrbcnu$ python cnucnu.py  --create-bugs -v
1/91 * altermime Added cnucnu-FedoraRawhide repo from
6/91 * chkrootkit
11/91 * iftop: repo=0.17
12/91 * lha
19/91 * nmon
21/91 * p7zip: repo=9.13
35/91 * perl-Data-Dumper-Concise: repo=1.100
36/91 * perl-Digest-MD5: repo=2.39
37/91 * perl-Digest-SHA: repo=5.50
61/91 * perl-Math-BigInt-FastCalc: repo=0.19
69/91 * perl-Pod-Simple: repo=3.15
74/91 * perl-Unix-PID: repo=0.0.15
79/91 * phpmyadmin3
80/91 * proftpd
81/91 * razor-agents: repo=2.84
86/91 * subversion: repo=1.6.15
89/91 * unarj: repo=2.63
91/91 * zoo

==================== Results ====================
Total                    91 (100%)
Outdated                 11 ( 12%)
Unresolved                6 (  6%)

> I would like to keep this structure, in fact, it is the base structure
> used for creating everything else. The question begs if we want
> mirrors to also mirror this structure (probably not) or whether we
> want a dynamic webinterface provide this exact view (possible thanks
> to SRPM Id).
No, we don't. We also don't need some dynamic web. Let's start with
simple and working solutions. We can improve later.

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