[packagers] Distributing the product

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Tue Apr 19 16:57:40 CEST 2011

On 04/19/2011 03:17 PM, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
> And you are telling me that somehow, the repository was never trimmed,
> but it now lives on the internal disk and not on the NFS.

No, I was just saying that I havent looked at what the retention policy 
is now. Dag did do a trim sometime back, and I bought a second disk into 
the machine to make it possible to host the repo's locally.

> 1) Dag has a build system X which is hosted at his place
> 2) Karanbir has a master mirror which is only used by Heanet
> 3) Heanet mirrors to an unknown number of second-tier mirrors
> 4) Mailing lists as at Karanbir's, so was svn
> 5) Version control is now moved to github, wiki&  site pending
> Could people in the know please tell what they know about these objects
> (tech specs, responsible admins), so I can wikify it and make a
> comprehensive list for reference to rule out further confusion?

Surya is a machine with 12GB of ram, 1x73G disk and 1x146G disk ( both 
are scsi 15k ), and has a fairly decent link to the net. Admins who can 
do things on that machine : Dag, Fabian, Karanbir and Meier ( whoever 
*needs* access, can be given that access )

Fabian and I have access required to request remote hands and ask for 
site help ( which is available 24/7 and usually reacts within a few 
minutes ).

At the moment, mailing lists, svn, master repo are hosted there ( and a 
few vhosts on :80 ). svn is mostly redundant now I guess. At some point 
that can be tar'd up and removed

Might be worth noting that this machine is now about 5 years old.

- KB

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