[packagers] Surya going away

Fabian Arrotin fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net
Fri May 20 18:51:56 CEST 2011

On 05/20/2011 01:45 PM, Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Fri, 20 May 2011, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> Due to a series of issues, I need to scale back the machines and network
>> setup in place. I'm going to be removing 4 machines from there, and
>> unfortunately Surya is going to be one of them. Mainly down to two reasons:
>> - its fairly old and uses 1.8A ( @220v ) of electric on its own, its quite
>> hard to justify that much electric for one machine these days.
>> - the guys at the DC are quite keen on us stopping outbound email delivery
>> from the subnet and mailman on surya has been the main reason for us to keep
>> getting listed on BL's( no other machine there sends emails ). There has been
>> talk of moving the lists away from that machine, so now is a good time to put
>> that into action.
>> rpmforge has now been on that machine for nearly 4 years, hopefully its been
>> worth while; I'm planning on going into the DC on the 4th June to carry out
>> this work. Would it be possible to move rpmforge resources off the machine
>> before then ? If not, we can look at an interim VM
> OK, that will speed up the move from RPMforge to RepoForge.
> Thanks for the advance notice.

That would mean doing first an inventory of what is needed :
- svn was replaced by git and hosted on github so i guess that the 
current 'read-only' svn repo can disappear
- http isn't hosted on surya so KB's announce about that machine going 
away doesn't impact the (in)existing web server. That can be time to 
discuss it and implement a cms somewhere (or a wiki) to have a proper 
and decent webserver (and probably switching now to Repoforge would be a 
good idea as well)
- mailman but probably with a newer setup for Repoforge (and possibly 
keep the rpmforge archives too !)
- master repository and a packages.repoforge.org (or .net) vhost to do 
what packages.sw.be was doing (maybe time to move to a vhost in the 
'official' domain should be used : less confusing for $users)

So first question : which hardware/bandwidth is needed ?
I can , if needed, offer a small domU on my Hetzner dom0


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