[packagers] Repoforge is collaborating on Github

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Thu Jan 26 10:57:38 CET 2012


Just a heads up to everyone that a lot of collaboration is ongoing on 
Github. Github simplifies requesting package updates, contributing new 
packages and discussing specific issues and fixes.

The great thing about Github is that everyone can become a contributor, so 
there are no specific permissions you need to dive into a SPEC file, fix 
an issue and make a pull-request.

The advantage for us is that we can discuss a specific change where it is 
proposed, merge a change with one button, structure issues, etc... without 
any overhead. No more need to transfer patches, give people access, manage 
infrastructure, track mails, and the best of all, everything is wide open, 
no walls or curtains, anyone is welcome.

So if you were hesitating to contribute, try our Github space and make 
yourself useful ;-)


The mailinglists are still useful to discuss certain topics, or for user 
support, but if you want to make sure some issue is being tracked and 
fixed, Github is where you ought to be.

So don't hesitate, just do it !
-- dag wieers, dag at wieers.com, http://dag.wieers.com/
-- dagit linux solutions, info at dagit.net, http://dagit.net/

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