[users] Introduction

Who Knows quien-sabe at metaorg.com
Wed Aug 24 15:55:56 CEST 2005

Well first I am a self proclaimed "gear head" ( that was the term we 
used for geek when I was at a geeky age ). I am currently managing 
serveral flavors of Redhat / Fedora servers. Most of the packages I use 
come from the repositories supported by this group, however like every 
independent there are invariably configuration changes or other issues 
that compel me to handle a significant number of packages separately. 
The largest group being those servers that have moved into the legacy realm.

One of my servers was recently cracked by some "ne're do well" kids, 
which prompted my son to point out that it wasn't necessarily a good 
idea to have a build environment on a production server, so given my 
limited equipment access I began looking into a means to build for 
multiple distros from one or a few machines.

This led me first to look at DAR and when I couldn't easily figure out 
how to get my build environment installed, I found mach which now has me 
able to build they rpms I need from a system running FC2. My packages 
are housed in a private repository of mine, which may at some point 
become less private. Regardless I have joined this list to learn more 
about package building and repository maintenance issues.

Jim ( from Arizona, USA )

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