[users] YUM REPO for RPMFORGE and General Usage

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Sat Jun 25 02:10:33 CEST 2005

On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Gerald B. Cox wrote:

> Is the a rpm such as "freshrpms-release" for "rpmforge" for FC4?  If not, does
> anyone have a template on what to use?  freshrpms was nice in that it referred
> to a mirrors rather than one specific server.

We first have to merge all the RPMforge repositories and divide the work. 
Pasi will be doing some platforms (RHEL/ppc/s390/ia64/...), Dries will do 
some platforms (Fedora/i386/x86_64/alpha/sparc/...) and I will do whatever 
is left and makes sense (RHEL/Fedora/RH/i386/x86_64).

Other people are welcome to join and support the things they require (like 
RH8, RH9, FC1) or whatever they want to help out with. We also would 
appreciate if people are willing to build in parallel, maintain packages 
or fix problems. (which do not necessarily require subversion commit 

But I do agree we need such a package once we have the directory layout 
and our first mirrors.

> In a previous note Dag mentioned the tracking of changes with Fedora Extras and
> others depending on people volunteering to help out.  I'm not a RPM whiz by any
> means but would be glad to assist if possible.
> It would be nice to make this as automagic as possible.

Yes, this is key. I don't want to spend resources (volunteer's time) for 
manual processes. Programmers are very welcome. Small scripts can help 
doing most of the work and can be merged/improved as we learn more of what 
is required.

Most of the QA can be automated by simple stand-alone checks that are 
sequentially performed. Much like unit-testing.

For those interested to help out:

		svn-commits at lists.rpmforge.net
		packagers at lists.rpmforge.net
		users at lists.rpmforge.net

People that depend on some package/software for their company, let me 
know. I would prefer someone who uses it to maintain the package.

People that want to help out with the infrastructure and website, please 
contact Dries or me. We definitely need some sort of wiki so centralize 
documentation and link to other project documentation.

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