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Jonathan Day imipak at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 08:12:19 CEST 2005


I'm working on developing SPEC files for a bunch of
projects I'm tracking, and for the Click project (a
modular router from MIT), I have been the one
modifying and updating this file for the project.

I am a long-standing Linux geek who can remember the
days when you had a root disk and a boot disk, a
working shell and not much more. :) My first
experiences with distributions was with SLS and MCC,
and I still think MCC's method was more
space-efficient for floppys.

All the packages of interest to me are Open Source -
usually GPL, BSD or some derivative of BSD. (The
aforementioned Click project uses what is a BSD
license with only the copyright holder names changed,
though they've titled it the "Click License" and state
that it should be referred to as such. So I'm actually
being very bad in this paragraph. :)

As I couldn't see a submission mechanism - hey, it's
early days yet! - I've attached the .spec file for
Click here. The source (in .tar.gz format) is located


I'm going to send this updated spec file to them, with
the NEXT version number, when they start to get ready
for their next release. The .spec file in the tarball
should NOT be used.

As work is ongoing on getting .spec files
standardized, I would value any feedback on how to
bring this (and other .spec files) in line with those
standards (or fragments thereof) that currently exist.
At present, I can say that the .spec file will build
installable RPMs on Fedora Cores 3 and 4, uses current
syntax, and is almost informative.

Any suggestions/flames/toasted marshmallows welcome.


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