[users] Videolan client broken on RHEL4 ?

Tomi Manninen oh2bns at sral.fi
Sun Dec 10 17:01:31 CET 2006

Hi all,

I recently tried to install videolan-client on a box running
Red Hat Enterprice Linux 4. I used the package from rpmforge:


However, starting the program with "vlc" gives me an almost
non-operational skinned GUI (OSX lookalike I think) that
does "nothing". Right clicking on the gui only produces an 
error in the shell output saying something about not being
able to create the menu and suggesting to install the
wxWidgets plugin (I'm sorry about the vague report, I'm
not at the box right now and the box in question does not
even have network connectivity...)

Anyway, trying to look at the problem, it seems to me that
the package has been compiled without wxWidgets support.
It does not have libwxwidgets_plugin.so nor the wxvlc
binary like my home box (with FC5).

Could someone please check if the videolan-client package
works on RHEL4 or if it really is broken like I think it is.
And more importantly, if it's broken, fix it...?

I would try to rebuild the package myself but like I said
the box does not (and can not) have network connectivity
and thus getting all the devel stuff needed to rebuild
is going to be a pain. 

And of course I'm in a bit of a hurry too, so please help!

Tomi Manninen / OH2BNS / KP20JF74

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