[users] Webmin 1.310

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon Dec 11 23:55:29 CET 2006

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, Alex Palenschat wrote:

> Is there any plan to move the webmin in the RHEL 4 repo to current?
> There was a substantial security fix in 1.300. I searched the archive
> (manually - is there a text search?) and couldn't find any previous
> discussion.

Don't wait for me to release something. Take the source-package, update 
the version, rebuild it and try it out yourself. If the build doesn't 
work, investigate and send me your feedback.

You don't need me to experiment, really. And the more people help out in 
this way, the faster I will be able to provide people with tested updates.

The main reason why I lack updated packages is because I either am stuck 
with some problem, or I lack the time to update and investigate problems.

There's nothing in the whole process you need me for. Everything is 
available for anyone to tweak and experiment and help themselves (and 
everyone else).

PS In this case the webmin people succeeded in requiring the packaging to 
be done as root. Previously this was not necessary. Because of that I 
cannot build it properly in a chroot...

PS2 webmin is a beast to package. And their own RPM package is a disaster 
from packaging point of view. It's a tarball wrapped in an RPM container 
that will extract itself on installation, all files are not part of the 
PRM package or the RPM database. Ugh.

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