[users] QEMU-0.8.2 package

Marc Abramowitz msabramo at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 00:46:52 CET 2006

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Marc Abramowitz wrote:
>> Here's an RPM of QEMU-0.8.2 that I just built on my RHEL 4 system 
>> with gcc-3.4.5 and checkinstall.
>> Only 0.8.0 is currently available on rpmforge so I thought I'd 
>> contribute an 0.8.2 build.
>> http://marc.abramowitz.info/download/linux/redhat/rhel/rhel4/RPMS/i386/qemu-0.8.2-1.i386.rpm 
> it would be nice if you could download and install the 0.8.0 source 
> rpm from rpmforge and use that as a base to build 0.8.2 from. you 
> could then  submit a patch so that it maybe included in rpmforge itself.
> That way you help everyone, and keep the process rolling.
Great idea. I'm kind of new to building packages with RPM, but I went 
through Maximum RPM (http://rpm.org/max-rpm/) and I feel pretty 
comfortable with it now. The following RPMs were built by downloading 
the 0.8.0 source RPMs from rpmforge, making a few minor mods, and then 

Binary packages:


Source package:


Public key for checking signatures:


Marc Abramowitz
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