[suggest] RFP: Various FUSE filesystems

Bret Mogilefsky bmogilefsky at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 09:56:10 CET 2006

Hello all,

Many thanks for all the great work you're already doing... Hate to add
to the pile of stuff to maintain!

I'd like to request various FUSE filesystems be packaged.  In order of priority:
* flickrfs, particularly the new "meta alpha" version (the others are
"nice to have", but this one is painfully absent in my life! It hurts
I tell ya!)
* smb for FUSE, which makes it easy to browse/use a windows network from CLI
* gnomeVFS2, which slaves up gnomevfs to FUSE
* btfs, which is  a much better interface to my phone than the simple
Gnome BT file-sharing

Pointers to all of the above are at:

(fuse-sshfs is already packaged by Fedora Extras, this may be a good
starting point for any FUSE conventions)

Thanks in advance!

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