[users] New mirror for rpmforge.net repos.

ANTHONY JOSEPH MESSINA amessina at messinet.com
Thu Jan 19 22:48:05 CET 2006

dag, i was told you are the man to add a mirror to the mirrors-rpmforge 
list in the rpmforge-release rpm after irc'ing with bob| for about 2 hours.

i have set  up a full mirror of the rpmforge tree (everything inside of 
the "dag" directory) and it is currently available at:

ftp://ftp.messinet.com/pub/dag/ in chicago, il, usa.

in an effort to assist rpmforge.net in its quest, i am requesting to be 
added to the mirrors-rpmforge list.

i could, also, if you like, have a cname "rpmforge.messinet.com" 
instead.  please let me know how to proceed.

thank you for the opportunity to help.  -anthony

My Website: http://messinet.com
My Online Gallery: 

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