[users] get source with smart?

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Thu Jan 26 10:36:18 CET 2006

Dries Verachtert wrote:

>> How do you get source packages with smart? With apt-get you could use
>> the following command to get source packages corresponding to a binary
>> package:
>> apt-get source foo
>> What is the corresponding smart command to do this, and what, if any,
>> additional channel entries do I need to make for it?
> As far as i know, this is not yet possible.

A related Q: Is there a way to do this with Yum ? (2.4.0)

I'm trying "yum install foo.src", but it only gives me a:

<try download>
<think some more>
No Match for argument: foo.src
Nothing to do

Not to mention the apt-get --build, or build-dep ?
Seems I'll just keep my good ole APT-RPM around...
(i.e. Yum for binaries, APT for source packages ?
Maybe switch over to Smart later. i.e. much later)


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