[users] ntfs-progs query

Marc Wiriadisastra marc.w at smlintl.com.au
Tue Jun 6 05:00:48 CEST 2006

My first post to this list so I'm not sure if it has been discussed
previously or not.

The ntfsprogs thats listed for fedora core 5 in the dries repository
doesn't seem to have --enable-fuse-module in the configure script.  Is
there a reason for this?  Unless I'm blind and the spec file doesn't
show it.

Fedora Core 5 Extras mirror has the fuse libraries in there so I tried
to get the ntfsprogs downloaded and installed then found at that point
that it isn't set up with that module.

I believe historically fuse wasn't included in Fedora correct me if I'm
wrong however is there a way to test if fuse is installed? Apart from a
adding a requirement?  Or maybe add fuse as part of the dries

Anyways looking forward to a reply.



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