[suggest] fail2ban (request)

Adam Katz rpmforge at khopis.com
Wed Mar 8 22:50:47 CET 2006


I would like to request fail2ban be added to your fine collection of
repositories (which I have about a dozen machines tied to).

It's a small GPL python-based daemon that monitors log files and
temporarily blocks IPs that fail to authenticate with services like ssh
and Apache.  (Defaults are to iptables drop traffic from any IP that
fails to log in to a service five times in ten minutes, un-banning them
ten minutes later.)

Nice protection against dictionary, brute-force, and other attacks.  I
use this for security and would very much like to have it controlled by
APT for updates.


I saw a .src.rpm file there, but it isn't for the current version ...
you may have to contact the developer, Cyril Jaquier
<lostcontrol at users.sourceforge.net>

Also note the Debian package has some nice improvements, or at least it
did, as some (most?) of them were merged into the latest release.

-Adam Katz

PS: I do not have the time to maintain this package :(

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