[suggest] Re: fail2ban (request)

Adam Katz rpmforge at khopis.com
Wed Mar 8 23:19:14 CET 2006

> I would like to request fail2ban be added to your fine collection of
> repositories (which I have about a dozen machines tied to).
> http://fail2ban.sourceforge.net/
> http://fail2ban.sourceforge.net/rpms/
> I saw a .src.rpm file there, but it isn't for the current version ...
> you may have to contact the developer, Cyril Jaquier

The RPM was contributed by Jonathan Kamens, who is likely a better bet
for obtaining the SPEC and SRPM data from.

Jonathan, I found your email on your homepage (there was no contact info
on the fail2ban page), and your name is not in the RPM package info,
though your initials are in the version and your name is on the fail2ban
page.  For your reference, my initial request message is archived at
(sorry for any unwanted mail this may send your way).


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