[suggest] Okle (KDE gui for ogle DVD viewer)

Christoph Pospiech pospiech at de.ibm.com
Wed Mar 8 15:17:08 CET 2006

Dear Sirs,

I am a happy user of the dag repository for RHEL 4. Recently, yum was updating 
my older ogle rpm with the dag version. Unfortunately, this version does not 
like the okle that was installed.

After using google and looking around, I found out that 
ogle-devel-0.9.2-5.2.el4.rf has slightly changed the API. More precisely,

DVDResult_t DVDOpenNav(DVDNav_t **nav, char* msgq_str) 

has a second parameter, which is now a char*. It was an int in previous 
versions, and my okle version was still expecting an int there.

I fixed that and spun my own okle rpm, that works well with the ogle from dag 
repository - except for one nasty point. When okle runs, the DVD internal 
menus are not functional. Any hint what that could be ?

I am happy to share the src.rpm (which includes spec file tar, patches and 
all) and I might suggest to include okle into to the repository. I am afraid 
I can not really offer to maintain this s/w - due to other obligations. If 
you are interested to have a look at the src.rpm, please tell me how I should 
get it to you. The size is 655285 bytes.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen/Best Regards

Dr. Christoph Pospiech
High Performance & Parallel Computing
Advanced Computing Technology Center
Phone +49-351-86269826, eMail: pospiech at de.ibm.com
Mobile +49-171 765 5871

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