[suggest] Credence/Limewire rpm?

Kevin Walsh kwalsh at cs.cornell.edu
Wed Mar 22 20:56:54 CET 2006


I am the author of Credence, an extension to the LimeWire filesharing 
client (for Gnutella).  Credence adds a bunch of functionality to the 
GPL LimeWire code, letting users vote on files, evaluate files before 
downloading them, discover other honest people in the network, etc.

I'd like to get our latest release into rpmforge if possible. I 
currently have binary and source zip archives, but have released only 
the binary package in rpm format. I'd be happy to put together a 
.spec file for a source rpm, though, if you might include it into rpmforge.

The project was recently moved to sourceforge:
where you can find the binary rpm, and source and binary archives for 
linux. It is farily straightforward to compile and install, using ant + javac.

Kevin Walsh

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