[users] plans for fc5

Anthony Messina amessina at messinet.com
Fri Mar 10 12:49:29 CET 2006

Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Feb 2006, Igor Jagec wrote:
>>Dag Wieers ka?e:
>>>Freshrpms already provides FC5 packages and those packages are already 
>>>updated to build on FC5.
>>What about RPMforge project? Are there any improvements in merging Dag,
>>Dries, Freshrpms projects into this one? It would be much easier for all
>>of us if we had only one repository, instead of few of them as we have now.
> I share your sentiment and I would like this to happen as well. But, as 
> far as I understood, freshrpms will always be around seperately for the 
> most recent Fedora distribution only.
> Merging Dries and Dag (and maybe others that join and help RPMforge) is 
> not that hard once we have our own mirror-space that we have control over. 
> Currently we depend on Matthias his space (and Dries depends on my space 
> on matthias his space).
> Dries has his own space on Belnet, but for RPMforge nothing exists yet. 
> I now know that both freshrpms and rpmforge traffic peaks around 110mbps, 
> so if anyone knows a mirror around Europe that can handle this load (for 
> http, ftp and rsync access), is able to do virtual hosting (and optionally 
> allow shell access or run cronjobs), let me know.
> If we have such a server, we can migrate. My aim is to have a list of 
> mirrors eventually with some sort of round-robin (or like CentOS is doing 
> now based on location) to share the load.

i'm not sure how things are allocated in europe, but in the us, many, 
many mirrors are hosted at universities.  would it be possible to host 
at a university?  if not in europe, in the us?  could one of the sites 
that currently mirrors freshrpms.net hand over the space to you and act 
as the main mirror?

i'd love to offer you this service because i have the space, but i don't 
have the connection speed :(

byt the way, what is the rsync:// address to mirror rpmforge.net?  has 
it changed from being "under" freshrpms?

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