[suggest] rsyslog RPM

james at se-community.com james at se-community.com
Sun May 14 14:20:40 CEST 2006

Hello everyone 

Based on the spec file of the original syslogd, I created a source rpm and 
two rpms for rsyslog (http://www.rsyslog.com). 

I successfully compiled the binary-RPMs on CentOS 4.3. I don't expect any 
problems building it on other redhat based distrubutions (like Fedora and 
RHEL). The RPM contains the basic configuration files and the init script 
that is presented in this thread:

To build rsyslog download the source RPM 
http://www.se-community.com/~james/rsyslog/rsyslog-1.12.2-1.src.rpm and
rpmbuild --rebuild -bb rsyslog-1.12.2-1.src.rpm 

To build rsyslog with mysql-support execute:
rpmbuild --rebuild --define "with_db 1" -bb rsyslog-1.12.2-1.src.rpm 

There are two binary rpms for CentOS 4.3 available (with and without mysql 
support) which should also work for RHEL 4:

Please let me know if the RPMs work for you. It would be great if it could 
be introduced in RPMforge. For the moment I could maintain this package. 



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