[users] SpamAssassin 3.1 in the EL4 branch?

Who Knows quien-sabe at metaorg.com
Mon May 8 17:01:29 CEST 2006

Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Mon, 8 May 2006, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Who Knows wrote:
>>> Dag Wieers wrote:
>>>> On Sun, 7 May 2006, Michael Best wrote:
>>>>   I guess I cannot please both sides and eventually I'm not pleasing
>>>> neither :)
>>> Which supports my earlier suggestion that rpmforge should include a second
>>> repo for each distro named rpmforge-updates ( or something similiar ) where
>>> packages that are part of the core are updated leaving it at the choice of
>>> the user to decide if they want to stay strictly with the core packages or
>>> stay update with new developements.
>> Which potentially increases (by orders of magnitude) the complexity of the
>> repo's interdependancies.  As someone who actually maintains a semi-complex
>> repo, I'd have to say that most (sane) repo maintainers will respond "Thanks,
>> but no thanks" to requests such as this.
> Exactly. I prefer that people use something like smart's priority scheme, 
> apt's pinning functionality or yum's protectbase plugin.
> This will allow you to specify exactly what policy you require, because 
> the policy can be different for different people, something 2 
> repositories will not be able to provide.
I have seen smart mentioned a good deal, but haven't take the time
to look at it yet, and I this is the first mention of the protectebase 
I have heard, but i'll definietly look at it. During the past year I have
migrated all the systems I maintain to yum ( althought I just inherited
an el3 system at work so that might change ) except for one FC1
server that won't handle the latest yum due to some dependencies.

Curiously is smart standalone, or is it just a smart wrapper around yum?
> Other policies could be that you eg. only want a few packages to have 
> priority over core packages, or only packages signed by me, or only 
> packages that have been in the repository for more than a week, or 
> packages that only change in minor releases, or ...
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