[suggest] rsyslog added to repo (spec available)

Michael Mansour mic at npgx.com.au
Sun Aug 5 03:56:45 CEST 2007


I've been keeping an eye on this package for months now. As rsyslog will
eventually be the standard syslog server in Fedora and eventually RHEL 6, Red
Hat people have already started making the RPM's and spec available:


The latest 1.18.0 beta released yesterday adds a major feature (which I have
been waiting for) allowing multiple mysql backup servers to be used when the
main one goes down. I am now starting to look at testing rsyslog and
eventually using it in production.

I don't think rpmforge will package development releases, but the last stable
was 1.17.2, so I would hope that this one could be provided now (using the
spec from the link above) and when the next stable is released, which supports
the failover sql features, that rpmforge could package that one too.

What you think?


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