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Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Sun Aug 19 05:36:52 CEST 2007

On Fri, 29 Jun 2007, Dayne Broderson wrote:

> I've been a user of RPMForge for a few years now (and the repos that joined
> together to create RPMForge). Many thanks for this resource.

You're welcome :)

> I'm interested in helping expand the GIS packages made available via RPMForge.
> Right now it is kind of hit and miss for being able to get all the various
> packages needed to do things like postgis and mapserver.
> The packages I find myself wishing I could just 'yum install' are:
> 	proj     # in C4's extras so should be easy
> 	geos     # not in any, but i got a working spec file
> 	mapserv  # haven't started on this one yet
> 	gdal     # this one is in FC extras but not c4 extras
>                  # most it's dependancies are in c4 extras
> So, I figured I'd volunteer to help get this stuff working in Centos5.

Perfect. That's usually what we need.

> Right now I'm approaching this task in this order:
>   * yum install any deps I can find in RPMForge
>   * find centos4 specs and rebuild the package for c5
>   * find another spec (from somebody) and make it work on my c5 box
> I've just started trying to document this process on here:
>    http://tofu.gina.alaska.edu/share/rpm/
> If the RPMForge packagers have suggestions or would like to point me in the
> correct direction for becoming a contributer or making this happen in a smooth
> way that would be great.

Dries already added the geos project. I now also added the proj and 
opengis packages. So left remaining is gdal and mapserver and their 
dependencies: jasper-devel cfitsio-devel hdf-devel librx-devel 
libdap-devel netcdf-devel hdf5-devel ogdi-devel libgeotiff-devel

Lots to do :/

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