[users] Nagios 3.0b

Mindaugas mind at bi.lt
Thu Aug 2 15:14:34 CEST 2007

>>  Now that Nagios 3 beta is release maybe it's time to start rolling it's
>> RPMs? :)
>>  I'm anxious because Nagios 2.9 is leaking memory for us.
> Are there any config file format changes?  Full version bumps worry me
> because things tend to break if you don't babysit the upgrade to fix any
> broken config (annoying to the on-call person when they get paged that
> one of the nagios slaves is down, etc).  That's usually one of the nice
> things about RHEL/CentOS is you can grab security updates without things
> breaking.

  Full What's New list is in:


  Quick overview does not show major differences in config files. Several 
new macros and directives are added though.

  Anyway 3.0 will be released and we will whine here for it. :) So now it's 
good time for Dag to decide whether he should make new nagios3 packages set 
or will update old ones.


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