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Dave Miller justdave at mozilla.com
Tue Aug 7 12:20:49 CEST 2007

Kenneth Porter wrote on 8/7/07 4:23 AM:
> "Install from source" can be done with RPM: One just needs to build a
> source RPM. Nothing magic about that. The only value in building from
> source instead of using a binary RPM is if custom build options are
> needed for each installation.
> I guess I need to see what the current state of upstream packaging is
> and then compare that to the RPMforge guidelines to see what needs to be
> tweaked to make a submission.

Yeah, there's a bunch of compile time options for optional components in
1.4.x, that install depending on whether you have the prerequisites on
your system or not (ogg playback support, snmp MIBs, to name a few).
For packaging purposes I suppose you'd enable many of them and pull a
mess of dependencies.

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