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Michael Mansour mic at npgx.com.au
Sun Aug 12 13:19:29 CEST 2007

Hi Dag,

> > > I am having problem with the perl-Mail-SPF package. Yum keep 
> > > complaining about:-
> > > 
> > > Transaction Check Error:
> > >   file /usr/bin/spfquery from install of perl-Mail-SPF-2.004-
> > > 1.el5.rf conflicts with file from package perl-Mail-SPF-Query-
> > > 1.999.1-1.2.el5.rf  file /usr/share/man/man1/spfquery.1.gz from 
> > > install of perl-Mail-SPF-2.004-1.el5.rf conflicts with file from 
> > > package perl-Mail-SPF-Query-1.999.1-1.2.el5.rf
> > 
> > You can only use one or the other of perl-Mail-SPF or perl-Mail-SPF-Query, not
> > both. From memory the perl-Mail-SPF is the one that should be used, although
> > many installations (including mine) still use perl-Mail-SPF-Query.
> In fact the only thing that conflicts is the spfquery tool and 
> manpage. So in principle the modules could coexist without a problem.

But as far as I know, they do exactly the same thing?

> But allowing that is probably more confusing than worth fixing.
> I cannot find any information wether perl-Mail-SPF is there to 
> replace perl-Mail-SPF-Query, so that's why I haven't put in any 
> Obsoletes-tags.

Yeah, read here:


or you can internet search more on the "perl-Mail-SPF-Query RFC" keywords.

I've only skimmed this topic over the past few weeks so don't know the
details, but it generally speaking, there seems to be RFC issues with the
original perl-Mail-SPF-Query perl module (so it seems no new version will be
out for that anymore), and they made the perl-Mail-SPF to follow the (new) RFC.



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