[suggest] razor-agents upgrade, DCC and pyzor, etc

Michael Mansour mic at npgx.com.au
Sun Jan 7 14:25:41 CET 2007


Is it possible we could update the razor-agents RPM in rpmforge from v2.40 
to the latest v2.82? I currently use the razor-agents v2.82 RPM from ATrpms.

>From ATrpms, I also use DCC and pyzor RPMs. Any chance of getting these two 
packages supported in rpmforge also?


I'm building some new mailservers and am trying to avoid the mix and match 
mess I have on some older servers which use Dag, Dries and ATrpms.

>From ATrpms I primarily use the repo for my mailservers (7 of them), as it 
contains the needed tools:

spamassassin 3.1.7
DCC 1.3.45
pyzor 0.4.0
razor-agents 2.82

(I also use:

lm_sensors 2.10.1
yum 2.9.4
from ATrpms)

rpmforge contains the latest spamassassin and spamassassin-tools packages 
(which is the one spamassassin package at ATrpms), and razor-agents (ut is 
old). DCC and pyzor are left.

As both Dag and Dries now work very well together (both rpmforge), I'd like 
to avoid adding ATrpms to the mix this time round as adding it also adds 
heaps of dependency packages which I easily lose control of.

To avoid "messy" servers, I either go all the way with ATrpms (installing 
every ATrpms update yum detects - which basically updates the distribution) 
or be selective and only use the packages I need.

Using only the packages I need is what I'd prefer as doing so leaves the 
servers more mainstream, closer to Red Hat / SL core packages and closer to 
their supported packages.




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