[users] FC1, FC2 and FC3 no longer supported

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Thu Jan 11 02:13:32 CET 2007


>From now on I will not provide any new package for FC1, FC2 or FC3.
Most of the packages however will still compile for these distributions 
and you are free to take the SRPMs and rebuild your own packages.

If you need to modify any of these packages to make them build, we do 
appreciate any feedback on what is necesary for them to continue to build.

That means that effectively I will still build for:

	EL2.1	i386
	RH7.3	i386
	RH9	i386
	EL3	i386/x86_64
	EL4	i386/x86_64

And the following distributions have been dropped:

	FC1	i386
	FC2	i386/x86_64
	FC3	i386/x86_64

Since there are no longer any security updates for these distributions, 
you are urged to upgrade to at least FC5 or migrate to CentOS/RHEL4.

RH7.3 and RH9 are still considered a special case although they are also 
no longer supported by upstream.

Afaik Dries still supports a lot of older Fedora Core releases.

Kind regards,
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