[users] rpmforge for centos/redhat 2.1 notes

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Fri Jan 26 08:40:52 CET 2007

I just installed this rpm on a Centos 2.1 server:

The problem I found are these:
- rpm download:
   as instructed here:
   the command rpm -Uvh http://... does not work, it failed to download 
the .rpm
   If you download with wget it works and I think the problem is in:
   HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Moved Temporarily
   It seems there is a http redirect that the rpm download code can not 
- use el2.1 instead of el2
   The file: /etc/yum.repos.d/rpmforge.repo and 
   should in the URL the release "el2.1" instead of "el2", it seems that 
el2 is deprecated
- imcompatible yum options in centos 2.1
  There are some options not supported by the version of yum in centos 
2.1, they are:
  The most important is: mirrorlist. You have to comment mirrorlist and 
  the baseurl option in order to get yum to work.
  Also, the directory /etc/yum.repos.d/ does not seems to be readed by 
that version
  of yum.
  The variable $releasever is replaced by Null during runtime, I think 
this is a bug in yum
  and is not related to rpmforge.

I think all of this issues may have been resolved, I just post here as a 
for other users.

My solution is to create a file /etc/yum-rpmforge.conf based on 
It looks like this:

name = Red Hat Enterprise $releasever - RPMforge.net - dag
baseurl = http://apt.sw.be/redhat/el2.1/en/$basearch/dag
gpgkey = file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-rpmforge-dag
gpgcheck = 1

So, when I need to use rpmforge rpms I run yum like this:
yum -c /etc/yum-rpmforge.conf check-update
yum -c /etc/yum-rpmforge.conf -y install rrdtool


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