[users] Re: amavisd-new and amavie-release

Dries Verachtert dries at ulyssis.org
Mon Jan 29 13:43:55 CET 2007

On Monday January 29 2007 1:49 am, Andreas Rogge wrote:
> Am Sonntag, den 28.01.2007, 23:32 +0100 schrieb Hugo van der Kooij:
> > Adding them to the documentation section is one way to approach this.
> > Then you get them on your system but have to manualy copy them to a bin
> > directory before you use them or use them with the full path.
> Yeah, that's correct, but this will break upgrades as your copied
> versions of the scripts won't get updated when a new package is
> installed and the documentation-directory name contains the version-
> number, so the path to the scripts can suddenly change on upgrades.
> [....]
> I also reviewed amavisd-nanny and amavisd-agent. Both are scripts to
> check amavisd's status, but they both run in an infinite-loop and don't
> display really useful data, so I don't think they're ready for day-to-
> day use (yet). Nevertheless I included them at the documentation
> section.

Maybe it's usefull to put amavisd-nanny and amavisd-agent in a subpackage or 
in 2 separate subpackages? This way these scripts aren't installed by 
default. But if you choose to install for example the amavisd-nanny 
subpackage, then it's installed immediately in %{_sbin} and it can be updated 
automatically.. So you don't have to copy it from the docdir. What do you 

kind regards,

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