[users] How about dropping RH9 as well ?

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Tue Jan 30 06:16:16 CET 2007

Hi Dag,
mi personal experience is that:
- migrating from RH 7.3 to RHEL 2.1 -> OK
- migrating from RH 9 to RHEL 3.6 -> No that easy, many libraries differ 
(in versions)

I think that RH9 has still a relative big install base, because it was 
the last
"free" Redhat, RH8 was too bad, and FC1 was too new.

Back in the days People were installing RH9 instead of FC1 or never moved
from RH9 because there was no more free RedHat. Of course you can migrate
from RH9 to Fedora, but it is not supported.

Maybe letting RH9 live would be whise option, because you can tell people
to migrate from RH 7.3 to Centos 2.1, the migration is just too simple and
the versions in both distro are the same.


Dag Wieers wrote:
> Hi,
> I didn't receive any feedback when I send my mail regarding dropping FC1, 
> FC2 and FC3. So either it was a success, or people didn't realise it yet 
> :)
> I must say that my work packaging has been much more interactive and 
> pleasant since I dropped that dead-weight. So I was now wondering whether 
> I should drop RH9 as well ?
> RH7 to me is something special since the difference between RHEL2.1 and 
> RH7.3 is very visible and since RH7.3 was the real last stable Red Hat 
> release (I never liked RH8.0 and RH9 that much).
> So what would people say if I dropped RH9 as well ? Anyone having troubles 
> moving to RHEL3 or CentOS 3 ?
> PS If I don't have any feedback, I'm probably going to bring FC1, FC2 and 
> FC3 to the same level as RH9 and drop off from the same versions.
> Kind regards,
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