[users] How about dropping RH9 as well ?

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Tue Jan 30 12:21:43 CET 2007

Dag Wieers wrote:

> I didn't receive any feedback when I send my mail regarding dropping 
> FC1,
> FC2 and FC3. So either it was a success, or people didn't realise it 
> yet
> :)

Probably the latter. At least that's how it worked for Fedora Legacy.
Maybe you should remove it for a day and collect some log statistics. 

I'm just a lurker on this list, but appreciate all rpmforge efforts!

> I must say that my work packaging has been much more interactive and
> pleasant since I dropped that dead-weight. So I was now wondering 
> whether
> I should drop RH9 as well ?

I think you should, now that Fedora Legacy has closed up shop...
Either that, or expand the program to do both Updates and Extras :-)
Without security updates, the usefulness of Red Hat Linux came to
an end and I had to migrate some customers over to CentOS instead.

Would rather see Fedora Core 1 support than Red Hat Linux, actually.
(but without Fedora Legacy or Extras, that's not all that feasible)

> RH7 to me is something special since the difference between RHEL2.1 and
> RH7.3 is very visible and since RH7.3 was the real last stable Red Hat
> release (I never liked RH8.0 and RH9 that much).

So you would keep RH7 anyway ? Not suggest moving over to EL 2.1 ?
What are the main advantages with staying with old Red Hat Linux ?
I think you would need the security updates to keep on using it
"for real", or they would just end up being a big security risk.

> So what would people say if I dropped RH9 as well ? Anyone having 
> troubles
> moving to RHEL3 or CentOS 3 ?

I migrated to Fedora Core 1, mostly because RHL9 didn't have SATA...
CentOS 3 could also have been an option, but wasn't ready back then.
Still running Fedora Core 1 and Yellow Dog 3 on some old computers,
but all newer ones run Fedora Core 5 on both architectures instead.

> PS If I don't have any feedback, I'm probably going to bring FC1, FC2 
> and
> FC3 to the same level as RH9 and drop off from the same versions.

I thought the migration path from Red Hat Linux 9 was pretty clear,
either upgrade to Fedora Core 1 - or crossgrade over to any EL 3.x ?
I thought that going from RH9 to EL3 was as "simple" as RH73 to EL21,
but haven't tried it myself and some of you seem to think different ?


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