[users] How about dropping RH9 as well ?

Andreas Rogge a.rogge at solvention.de
Tue Jan 30 19:04:16 CET 2007


I'm still using RH 9 and RH 7.3. These boxes run old applications that I 
cannot migrate to different boxes and I *know* that I won't get any support.

I think that there are two classes of old RedHat installations:
- workstations that weren't upgraded so far
one reinstall per 4 years is allright, isn't it? If it isn't you can 
still install the latest RPMforge packages for your distro (ok, they 
won't be up to date - but your os isn't up to date, too).

- servers running old applications
why should anyone require a current applications on a legacy-system? In 
most cases nothing will be installed at all and in almost all other 
cases older versions of the package will be sufficient.

I know this is a bit idealized and there are probably several 
exceptions, but in general I think distributions that won't get any 
fixes from the vendor don't deserve support from RPMforge.
People running these systems will migrate unless they really know what 
they are doing or they just don't care at all.

In all cases I'd vote for "drop support", because I think maintaining 
packages for a distro that is EOL'ed is pointless.
It is ok to keep the packages that already exist, but I don't see any 
point in upgrading them. What good is a current app on a platform that 
doesn't recieve security fixes anymore?

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